año Película/Serie OST video
1989 Baywatch  (serie de TV) I Belive (con David Hasselhoff)
1988 Un Príncipe en Nueva York Come Into My Life (Con Joe Sposito)
1988 Salsa Your Love ver
1986 Killer Party The Lucky One
1986 Violets are Blue One Day ver
1985 Hollywood Wives (miserieTV) Hollywood Wives ver
1984 Body Rock Sharpshooter
1984 Los Cazafantasmas Hot Night ver
1983 Flashdance Imagination, Gloria
1983 Love is Forever Love is Forever ver
1982 Chips A Love Until the End Of time ver

Año Película / Serie Personaje Video
1991 Monsters (Serie de Tv) Amanda Smith-Jones
1988 Backstage Kate Lawrence Trailer, otro
1985 Delta Pi (Mugsy's Girls) Mónica
1984 Automan (Serie) Jessie Cole ver
1983 Chips (Patrulla Motorizada) Sarah ver



You left in autumn The leaves were turning I walked down roads of orange and gold I saw your sweet smile I heard your laughter You're still here beside me every day ’Cause I know you by heart